Creative Day 2




The Analogue Mind

Image Description – a digital collage in browns and earthy hues with the odd hand-drawn, pale, mint green leaf drawn over the top. To the left is an illustration of some owls from a book, over which a painting by Ellie has been layered. It shows four brown very basic silhouettes of trees, painted in copper and black ink, and grass painted across the bottom in the same scruffy style and same colours. Brown pastel smudges surround the picture of the owl and the trees. Across the image, black type-writer text reads “An Analogue Mind is Analogous to None”

Click here to see the PDF of makeshift pages in full screen

Collage of Papers

Image Description – This is a collage containing photos of three pages of the booklet I made layered on top of one another. You can just about make out the words FOLLOW ME to the top left, and on the right there are felt tip scruffy drawings of hearts – half of the heart has been drawn as a string of cartoon flowers. An old illustration of an owl can be seen bottom left, and the ‘Instructions for a Home Grown Hybrid’ are layered over the top, written in green fountain pen ink.

booklet.pdf by Ellie Page


Embodied Lo-Fi

Image Description – a digital photo collage of a white woman with glasses and straight brown hair in a ponytail lying in bed in front of a window working on an ipad. She wears a green top and red cardigan, her legs are under a duvet. Apart from the pillow and duvet, the bed has been erased and replaced with swimming pool water, as if she is floating next to the window. There is a small tan long-haired chihuahua standing on her legs, with his front feet on the window ledge looking out. The view outside has been erased, with rough edges and is replaced with a blurred photo of lights and buildings at night time, created through moving a camera, giving the impression of movement and speed outside the window. There are some lines drawn on the women outlining her and a red hot water bottle is drawn on as if on her stomach.