Creative Day 2



Lo-Fi//Chill Screenshot

Image Description – A screenshot of the music editing programme Logic, showing Jacqui’s music piece as it looks on her screen. The programme background is dark grey and black and there is a sequence of coloured blocks staggering downwards from top left to bottom right, in a pattern that looks like colourful stairs.

Video: A Compilation of Clips from our Zoom Meetings

Created & Edited by Jacqui

Closed Captioning by Charlie


“The way that I felt, I would never normally speak to colleagues on a day like that, let alone have a meeting or attempt to create something meaningful. I thought it would be an interesting experiment to see what it would be like to work in this state.”

Day 2 reflection – Ellie Page

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Day 2 Reflection – Charlie Fitz

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Charlie Day 2 Reflection by Ellie Page