announcing our online exhibition: work in progress

On Friday 10th December at 2pm, our virtual exhibition will go live on our website!

That evening at 6pm, we will be hosting an Instagram Live to hang out, chat about the exhibition and answers questions about Triad³.

We have been working together since March, and this exhibition will present works-in-progress, what we have been doing, how we did it and who we became.

Sign up to the exhibition countdown, by clicking here.

Image Description: a square post announcing our exhibition. The background is a light peach colour. In rusty pink font it reads ‘EXHIBITION: WORK IN PROGRESS’. Underneath the text is the Triad³ logo, which is made up of three circles of the same size alongside each other. The circle on the left is beige, the one in the middle is pink and the one to the right is a pinkish brown. The left circle is overlapped by the middle circle in the space where they overlap is a dark pink oval. The middle circle is overlapped by the right circle in the space where they overlap is a beige oval. On top of the circles in gold lettering of a variety of shades it reads ‘Triad³’.

#IDPWD2021 #VirtualExhibition #DisabledArtists #DisabilityArts

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