#ImageDescription – an image with a dark gold background. At the centre is a pattern of earthy coloured circles, pinks, beiges and browns overlapping one another to make a shape similar to a flower. Over the top of this shape in a light gold simple font it reads ‘disabled womxn’.

Words have power. As such we think it’s important to clarify the words we use about ourselves, exploring the power they have and how they have historically been used or misused and what they mean to us.

We believe everyone should be able to dictate the words they use to identify and no one has the right to deny someone’s identity. We stand against discrimination in all its forms. We stand against transphobia, racism, ableism, homophobia, misogyny, classism, xenophobia, religious discrimination, antisemitism and ageism.

The term womxn to us, is for anyone who wants to use it and should not be dictated to anyone who does not identify with it. For us, and in its original usage, by predominantly black feminists, it rejects the word ‘man’ or ‘men’ as the root of our identity, as man is the symbol of our patriarchal oppression. We use it to describe ourselves, we do not use it to push an identity onto anyone else. We are a trio who identify as disabled womxn.

Any space we create for others to work in will aim to be inclusive for all who stand against identity based discrimination. We are open to learning, growing and constructive criticism. And when working in spaces that fall short of inclusivity we will advocate and educate to the best of our ability.

We intend to reclaim this word for it’s original use and reject its misuse in any trans-exclusionary capacity. This is not a space for TERFS. Trans women are women. Womxn is for anyone who identifies with that term and we do not condone its use for exclusionary purposes. 

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