Site Accessibility

Site Accessibility We recently installed a free accessibility plugin to our site called Accessibility Light. It’s a free and easy to install WordPress plugin made by Sitelinx. We’re looking at how we can improve our online accessibility by utilising technology. While we know this plugin doesn’t solve all the problems, we wanted to share this plugin with you, as […]


announcing our online exhibition: work in progress On Friday 10th December at 2pm, our virtual exhibition will go live on our website! That evening at 6pm, we will be hosting an Instagram Live to hang out, chat about the exhibition and answers questions about Triad³. We have been working together since March, and this exhibition […]

Collective Care

Collective Care #ImageDescription – An Image With A Gold Background. At The Centre Is A Pattern Of Earthy Coloured Circles, Small Brown Circle, A Medium Pink Circle, And A Large Beige Circle Overlapping One Another Like A Ven Diagram. Over The Top Of This Shape In A Light Gold Simple Font It Reads ‘Collective Care’. We […]

Disabled Womxn

DISABLED WOMXN #ImageDescription – an image with a dark gold background. At the centre is a pattern of earthy coloured circles, pinks, beiges and browns overlapping one another to make a shape similar to a flower. Over the top of this shape in a light gold simple font it reads ‘disabled womxn’. Words have power. As […]


About Triad³ #ImageDescription – a circle based logo which reads Triad³. The background is gold. In the centre of the image there are three circles of the same size alongside each other. Each circle is a different earthy colour; the one on the left is beige, the one in the middle is pink and the one […]